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EarthHour.org Co-Founder Andy Ridley offers #ImagineCup Competitors Tips

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29th January

Who is Andy Ridley?

From NextEcoWarriors.com:

Andy Ridley is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Earth Hour, the global climate change campaign he initiated in one city – Sydney, Australia in 2007, which by 2010 had swept the world, reaching more than 4,600 cities, towns and municipalities, in 128 countries, with hundreds of millions of people taking part. In 2006, Andy was inspired by the idea of executing a campaign to provide everyday people and businesses with a platform to voice their concern on climate change and the environment. He initiated a think tank between Leo Burnett and Fairfax Media, forming a partnership to deliver his ‘lights out’ campaign, which would later become known as Earth Hour.

More information about Mr. Ridley can be found on his site, EarthHour.org.

How do you to capture hearts and minds when presenting your Imagine Cup … Read More »

#ImagineCup 2012 #SoftwareDesign Captain @RobMiles Introduces Himself

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28th January

Who is Rob Miles?

From his Wikipedia page:

Rob Miles is a Microsoft MVP, a lecturer in Programming (C Sharp) and Software Engineering at the University of Hull.

Rob has given various speeches worldwide on technologies including C Sharp, XNA, Windows Mobile Development and Embedded Development using the .NET Micro Framework. Rob has written an XNA book, and co-authored a .NET Micro Framework book with Donald Thompson.

Rob has also repeatedly been a member of the judging team of the yearly Microsoft Imagine Cup. Again, in 2012, Rob has been selected as a “Captain” of the Software Design competition.

You can find out more about Rob Miles on his Microsoft MVP Page or follow him on Twitter (@robmiles). I had the honor of meeting Mr. Miles at the Imagine Cup 2011 Worldwide Finals in New York City, and he … Read More »

Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012 announces Windows Metro Style App Challenge!

19th January

Today (January 18, 2012) the Microsoft Imagine Cup Team announced an exciting new challenge for Imagine Cup competitors – the “Windows Metro Style App Challenge” – more info here:

We’re Bringing the Platform. You Bring the Idea
“Windows 8” is coming and, with the Windows Metro Style App Challenge, we are asking students to be at the forefront of those creating applications for this new platform. Apps are the center of the Windows 8 experience and great apps start with you. This Challenge will test your Team’s ability to prototype a Metro style app that takes advantage of Windows 8 features and design principles to deliver an experience that solves one of the world’s toughest problems and wows not only us but those across the globe. Sign up and get ready to take your first quiz!

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Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012 announces Kinect Fun Labs Challenge!

19th January

The Microsoft Imagine Cup announced today the addition of an exciting new Challenge: The Kinect Fun Labs Challenge! Last year at Imagine Cup 2011 I had the honor of experiencing a few absolutely incredible innovations involving Microsoft Kinect, and with the addition of this Challenge I’m sure competitors will take it to the next level! Prepare for some mind-boggling innovation! Details below:

Join the Kinect Effect
The Imagine Cup 2012 Kinect Fun Labs Challenge asks students to think about entertainment with a social conscience and brings the Imagine Cup into the living room. It is a unique opportunity for students to develop applications that change the world with the Fun Labs area of Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE. The Imagine Cup Kinect Fun Labs Challenge will test your Team’s ability to build a prototype which leverages natural user interface (NUI) … Read More »

Interview with Mark Hindsbo, Vice President of the Developer and Platform Evangelism Group at Microsoft

17th July

While serving on the first ever Social Media Team at the 2011 Imagine Cup in New York City, I had the honor & opportunity to interview Mark Hindsbo, Vice President of the Developer and Platform Evangelism at Microsoft and Member of the U.S. Leadership Team.

Take a look here:

The questions I asked Mark:

Thinking back to when you were a student, what advice would you give yourself today, knowing what you know today?
With Windows Phone 7, Kinect, and the Cloud being the future of computing, what sort of projects would you like to see at next year’s Imagine Cup 2012?
I know you consider people one of Microsoft’s strongest assets, What people skills that aren’t taught in schools today, would you say are important for young people to study?
As a member of the Social Media Team here at Imagine Cup 2011, I have … Read More »

The 2011 Imagine Cup GAME DESIGN Team Presentation Order [VIDEO]

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2nd July






Welcome back and thanks for stopping by Imagine Cup Fans!

Curious when, which Microsoft #ImagineCup GAME DESIGN Category Team will present? Below you will find the presentation order selection video, with a list of the results below it. In the video, Microsoft Academic Developer Evangalist Andrew Parsons uses a game he developed in XNA to pick the order of the teams!

The Imagine Cup GAME DESIGN Category Presentation Order

Game Design – Mobile (Zune/Phone)

Team Dragon (United States)
Close World (France)
Geekologic (France)
CRS (Russia)
Fomis Phone (Mexico)

Game Design – Web (Silverlight)

Cellardoor (Poland)
ICsquared (United States)
Signum Fidei (Philippines)
GreenWorld (Bulgaria)
Quegee Team (Slovakia)

Game Design – Windows / XBox (XNA)

Signum Games (Brazil)
Wicked Team (Czech Republic)
Crash Games (Belgium)
Replay (Brazil)

Congratulations to the teams! All of us on the Microsoft Student Parter Social Media Teamare very excited to meet you and report to the world about your amazing Imagine Cup Journey!

6 … Read More »

Imagine Cup Social Media Team – I (and 24 other MSPs) are Heading to New York City!

23rd June

Good news! I have the honor of having been selected to attend the Microsoft Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals in New York City this July as part of the Microsoft Student Partner Social Media Team. For those of you who are not already aware of the event, the Imagine Cup is the world’s premier student technology competition. More than 400 students from around the world (124 teams from 73 countries) will participate in the worldwide finals event in NYC and represent their countries.

Here’s a short but awesome video about the Microsoft Imagine Cup concept:

As a member of the Social Media Team, I will be responsible for raising awareness about the Imagine Cup and helping to tell the story of innovative students around the world. To learn more about the event, be sure to follow @imaginecup on Twitter and Microsoft Imagine Cup on Facebook. … Read More »