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Presenting Microsoft #ImagineCup 2012 #GameDesign Captain & Judge Andrew Parsons

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5th February

Who is Andrew Parsons?

Andrew Parsons is a Senior Academic Technical Evangelist working with Client Technologies, based out of Redmond. Andrew is also the Captain of Imagine Cup Game Design. Andrew has over 20 years experience in the IT industry, as a software developer, web designer, games and technology journalist, and more. He has written a dozen books on different technologies and is super passionate about video games and what they can do beyond simple entertainment. Andrew has been heavily responsible for the growth of the Game Design competition in Imagine Cup, leading the way to introduce more teams to the world finals and enlisting the help of the world’s elite in the games industry for judging and giving great feedback back to the student competitors. Andrew lives in the USA but misses his children who live back in … Read More »

#ImagineCup Inspiration: 2011 #GameDesign Finalists: Team Signum Fidei

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27th January

Team Signum Fidei from the Philippines was a competitor in the Game Design category at the Imagine Cup 2011 in New York City.

Take a look at their concept:

The team describes their mission at the Imagine Cup 2011:

Team Signum Fidei from De La Salle University – Manila is the official representative of the Philippines in the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011 (Game Design category) finals in New York, USA. The team is composed of Thomas Tiam-Lee (Team Leader/Programmer, 3rd Year BS CS-ST), Jenina Chua (Team Programmer, 3rd Year BS CS-ST), Jeriah Miranda (Team Programmer, 3rd Year BS CS-ST), and Kev Hernandez (Team Game Designer and Artist, 2nd Year BS INSYS). The team’s mentor is Ms. Lesley Abe, a professor, also from De La Salle University – Manila.

The team created a puzzle game called Conjunct! which represents social issues and problems as puzzles … Read More »

#ImagineCup Inspiration: 2011 #GameDesign Semi-Finalists “Team Spyyyder” (USA)

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20th January

Team Spyyyder from the USA was a semi-finalist competitor in the Game Design category at the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011 in NYC; take a look at their concept and be inspired!

Check out their video:

Here’s their story, as told by the team themselves:

“We created our Windows Phone 7 competition entry: Fabric of Time in an attempt to point out some of the world’s toughest problems while having fun at the same time. The game starts off with the protagonist searching for his father but then stumbles upon an item called dimensional scissors which allows him to travel between parallel worlds. This other world also has its fair share of issues and the player must try to find ways to better both worlds using resources found in both areas. It’s a 2.5-D puzzle platformer where the player must control both characters … Read More »

2 More Ways to Show the World What You Can Do!

19th January

The Imagine Cup has something for everyone. Are you all about app development? Or does building a gadget prototype that leverages natural user interface motivate you? The Imagine Cup has added two new Challenges for you to grow your technical skills. Sign up and start competing today in the Windows Metro Style App Challenge sponsored by Microsoft Windows or the Kinect Fun Labs Challenge sponsored by Microsoft Studios.

Already signed up to compete in one of the following 2012 Competitions; Software Design, Game Design: Xbox/Windows, Game Design: Phone or the, Windows Azure or Windows Phone Challenges? Increase your chances to share your world-changing ideas at the Worldwide Finals in Sydney, Australia, by signing up to compete in one of these two new Challenges!

Looking Back 10 Years. Tell Us Your Imagine Cup Story

Are you a previous Imagine Cup competitor? We want to … Read More »

The 2011 Imagine Cup GAME DESIGN Team Presentation Order [VIDEO]

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2nd July






Welcome back and thanks for stopping by Imagine Cup Fans!

Curious when, which Microsoft #ImagineCup GAME DESIGN Category Team will present? Below you will find the presentation order selection video, with a list of the results below it. In the video, Microsoft Academic Developer Evangalist Andrew Parsons uses a game he developed in XNA to pick the order of the teams!

The Imagine Cup GAME DESIGN Category Presentation Order

Game Design – Mobile (Zune/Phone)

Team Dragon (United States)
Close World (France)
Geekologic (France)
CRS (Russia)
Fomis Phone (Mexico)

Game Design – Web (Silverlight)

Cellardoor (Poland)
ICsquared (United States)
Signum Fidei (Philippines)
GreenWorld (Bulgaria)
Quegee Team (Slovakia)

Game Design – Windows / XBox (XNA)

Signum Games (Brazil)
Wicked Team (Czech Republic)
Crash Games (Belgium)
Replay (Brazil)

Congratulations to the teams! All of us on the Microsoft Student Parter Social Media Teamare very excited to meet you and report to the world about your amazing Imagine Cup Journey!

6 … Read More »