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You boycott Facebook? That makes me a bit suspicious, and I’m not alone.

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24th August

We all have that friend that adamately boycotts Facebook.

“I don’t have a Facebook, because X Y and/or Z.”

Mostly its because of privacy concerns – at least here in Germany it is. Some think Social Media is impersonal and ruins traditional relationships. Some are just wholly inept.

I understand the concern for privacy – and I certainly respect it. Still – I wonder what exactly these folks are so worried about. What are you making every effort to keep secret? Maybe its nothing inflamatory, but it certainly makes me wonder…

The impersonal factor has a lot to do with your own engagement. I get the feeling that most people on Social Media are “takers” – and not actively contributing to the social media sphere. In the end, its a give and take relationship – and if you’re only taking (i.e. reading … Read More »

Infographic: Social Media Jobs Salary Guide

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6th March

What are your Social Media Skills worth as a potential employee? Take a look at this great Infographic from OnwardSearch:


The Social Marketing Roadmap: Expert Advice for Today’s CMO

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22nd February

Here’s a brilliant Social Media Marketing Roadmap, put together by Awareness, Inc with advice from some of the biggest names in Social Media Marketing today: